August 4, 2008


So that old Russian bastard died today.

He wrote one of my favorite books from my “childhood”, one I still re-read whenever I can. A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch is an amazing read, even if you don’t take it as a useful history lesson. My copy hits about 150 pages, and it’s incredible the characters and situations he works into the one 24-hour period.

His other works – The Gulag Archipelago (tried to read it all – really did, but it’s thousands and thousands of pages), The Cancer Ward, and The First Circle (which I think is the novel for which he won the Nobel Prize) are all super duper and worth a try. Most of the news articles have mentioned the re-publishing of his work in a series of releases, having started in ‘04 and finishing in ‘10

In case you’re interested, and you should be, since you’re reading my blog, here’s his speech to the Harvard commencement class of 1978: A World Split Apart

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