November 22, 2011

A benefit for Lucas

Hello dear readers. You’ve stuck with me through years of deep thoughts, drunken ramblings and the occasional “wtf was he thinking.” In order to repay you, I’ve giving you the opportunity to make one helluva impact on a wonderful 3-year-old and his terrific family. If you haven’t already, I’ll wait while you read the above poster.

That cute (and fashionable) kid above is Lucas, and Lucas is set for a bone marrow transplant in January, not to mention a long recovery period. His mom and dad, both cute and fashionable kids themselves, will be moving from Jacksonville to North Carolina to be with him during the procedure. Not fun for anyone involved, but their spirits are high and their souls are lusty.

If you happen to be in Jacksonville or the area on Dec. 17, stop by Bold City Brewery and have a beer. They’re donating $1 from every pour to Lucas’ benefit. You can also donate, send a well wish or just see a bunch of cute photos of Lucas until you feel compelled to donate or send a well wish. Your call.

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