August 12, 2013

Making a city

For six months I’ve been drafting a post in my ginger brain about my favorite aspects of Denver. Restaurants, hikes, good people, random finds and such.

But since you can check Yelp for that shit, I’m going to write about what might be an even better measurement of what makes this city so special – what happens when nothing is happening.

Every city can put on a good show. Every city I’ve lived in certainly has. Even Augusta, GA has the most absurdly spectacular speed boat races every summer; brightly colored, hyper-charged boats destroying the Savannah River’s peace at 200 miles per hour.

My slowest, grayest, flat tire-est days here often surpasses even my happiest days from other cities. At worst, every day I bike past one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country, downhill to a dynamic and exciting city center, then back home along the tree-lined streets of Capitol Hill, which entirely deserves it’s reputation as one of the most eclectic neighborhoods anywhere. Cheesman Park is exactly one mile from my front door and there’s no better 3.1 mile loop than the run there, around and back.

That’s a day for me. No specific food, drink or friendship that might have accompanied. Better still, Diana and Jax are here to share the riches. There’s nowhere else I’d rather us exist. It’s almost embarrassing.

*you might find the picture accompanying this post to be a bit incongruous to my larger point. And you’d be right, except beer.

One Comment on “Making a city

August 13, 2013 at 5:03 am

Luis wuz here.

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