What is a Nuinca?


Hello strangers. I am Jonathan Bennett and this is my slice of the sweet internet pie.

*If you’re looking for the quasi-famous and much less handsome Jonathan Bennett from Mean Girls fame…please. Just… please*

I was born in Greenville, SC, lived in Jacksonville, FL, and now call Denver my home. I work at Healthgrades.com as the Manager of Web Development doing all sorts of amazing stuff that you’d probably never understand anyway. While in Jacksonville I worked at the Florida Times-Union and Jacksonville.com in a number of roles, but eventually conned my way into being Assistant Managing editor for Digital.

Assuming you’re now utterly enthralled with every mundane aspect of my life, find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Should you want to see my attempt at a professional facade, find my LinkedIn.

Otherwise, this site is by me, about me and visited mostly by ┬áme. If you have any questions (or are some long-lost friend) just drop me a line – jonathan(at)nuinca(dot)com

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